• Editor’s Rating 98%
  • What we like: Comfortable and luxurious state of the art sound quality. Superb noise cancelling. Passive headphone and removable cord.
  • What we don’t like: We tried, but we could not find a good reason not to buy these if you like high fidelity sound.

Quick Review

The Bose headphones are quality audio devices with an effective noise cancelling technology and an inline controlling mic for voice. The box is inscribed with a blue Bose logo and contains the user manual for safety and instructions and a nice and sturdy carrying case for easy movement. The Bose QC 25 comes in two color variations- white and black. The headphones come in sleek industrial designs and could be folded in a curve and placed in the carrying case. The ear-cups are very similar with L & R inscribed in the left and right ear-cups consecutively. The ear cups are made of soft materials and deep angles for the ears to fit properly. The top of the headband has a denim fabric finish which is an engineered fabric found in high-end automotive applications and the under is a suede fabric finish.

There little ports on the headphones which are the noise cancellation microphones and also a power button. The 3.5mm audio cable comes with a sensitive three button controls which is compatible with iPhone devices or other smart phones.

There is also the battery and an adapter which could be plugged in when needed as the headphones could work without batteries as long as it is plugged to your device, the extra battery is just for backup purposes only. The device is powered by a single AAA battery that delivers up to 35 hours of use, notwithstanding, when the battery dies, the music plays on.


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FULL REVIEW: http://youtu.be/dBEWR50Mb3w
Unboxing the new noise cancelling king? Impressions below!
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Something I forgot to mention in the video: I bought these at JB Hi Fi for $360 AUD.

Listening to these now, these definitely seem to stick to the same formula as the SoundTrue Around-Ear. Super comfortable, both in physical design and sound signature. They have a warm sound, with a particularly rounded bass section. It’s definitely more mid-bassy than sub-bassy, and while it’s not very flabby bass, it isn’t particularly tight either. There is a particular emphasis on the mids that makes vocals sound a bit more lively and glossy, while the treble is rolled off. As a result the QC25 sounds completely inoffensive - agreeable but not particularly exciting or detailed. A nice thing is the soundstage, which sounds quite expansive without being too diffuse.

The above impressions are with the noise cancellation electronics turned ON. Turned off, the QC25 sounds like garbage. Muffled with a horrible sucked-out sound. The instruction manual says the alkaline battery lasts 35 hours (or 28 hours with rechargeable Ni-MH) so there’s that. Interestingly this confirms that a) there is an active DSP on this headphone and b) the sound signature of this headphone is very deliberately tuned to sound like the SoundTrue even if the headphone isn’t physically capable of producing this sound by itself. This is Bose house sound folks, consistent across every product.

The noise cancellation is so effective that it actually makes me queasy, because even in a quiet room it blocks out enough environmental cues that I suddenly feel like something has gone wrong with my hearing or balance. Taking the headphones on and off, I notice the complete removal of the noise from my iMac’s fans, which sound like a tiny and angry air conditioner while rendering this video. The noise cancellation produces a slight soft hiss - nothing as offensive as Beats Studio 2013, but noticeable when you turn the circuit on.

It doesn't seem like there is an auto off feature for the noise cancellation, which is a bummer.

I’ll be trying these on various forms of transport over the next few weeks. Noise cancellation is meant to be Bose’s trump card, so I expect to be impressed!

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