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The future is really here to stay and it brings to us another science miracle with the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. It comes powered with the Tizen operating system, designed for Samsung’s wearable devices and it is not just an ordinary wristwatch.

The smart watch comes in a white box in a sporty form. In the box also includes a charger and the plug adapter for the charging port and other device functions. Taking a look at the smart watch, it features a round bezel which serves as a dial/mouse for navigation rather than just swiping alone at all times.

The rotating bezel, in some instances, just replicates what you can already do on the touchscreen. Other times, it feels like a revelation, hearkening back to the genius click wheel on the original iPods. It’s the best watch idea in smart watches next to Apple’s digital crown, and it feels good, too. Subtle clicks give a sense of motion and the raised metal dial also protects the inset Gorilla Glass-covered display.

You can get to most things you need by touching the screen and rotating the outer bezel, but there are also two buttons on the side of the watch: one brings up that wheel of app icons, the other acts as a “back” button. It seems like a button too many to keep track of, but it’s not too difficult to figure out, which is a first for a Samsung smart watch.

It features a silicon band which is perfect with splash resistance when compared to any other leather straps.

An amazing feature of the smart watch is that it features an AMOLED screen which is perfect for battery conservation and life.



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