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Unboxing the Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

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Today on Taylors Toy Time, Tayor is racing for surprise toys for kids on LIGHTNING MCQUEEN from Disney Car Cars movie for kids.
We had a family fun time making this family friendly video for kids of Taylor and the whole Cars gang from Radiator Springs like Tow Mater, Doc Hudson, Sally, Mac, Red and more! They are all helping Taylor and Lightning Mcqueen find all the surprise present Disney toys. We found the Chase & Change Frank who is as water color changer toy. Also, we got the To the Rescue Mater Disney toy.
We also got the Mac Hauler toy as well. Surprise Toys Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Battery-Powered Ride On Car 12V Test Drive Toys Unboxing
Este video de ninos es de Carros, Cars El Rayo Mcqueen. Huevos sorpresa y juguetes de Disney. Playtime at the park. Kids video, video for kids. Family fun.
Disney Cars Lightning McQueen kids electric power wheels ride on 12 volt car.
This car is much faster than our last Spiderman super car which is also battery powered but only 6 volt.
Bring the fun and excitement of the hit Cars movie to life with your very own Ride-On Lightning McQueen Race Car. With race sounds and flashing headlights this will undoubtedly be your child's favourite toy.It boasts an incredible array of features including realistic engine sounds, dual speed modes (4km/h and 7km/h), forward and reverse motion, a horn, headlight and electric brake.
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