Unboxing the 12V Police Motorcycle

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National Products offers a variety of great police toys for kids. This battery operated police motorcycle can be used to patrol the neighborhood. It comes with a working siren and walkie talkie to make it easier for kids to stay on the road. This toy is designed to last for years and will provide hours of fun. It has a 3.5 volt battery and will need to be charged monthly. For safety, the battery should be charged for 15 hours.

The Kiddie Ride-On Vehicle comes with forward and reverse motion, and an electronic sound. It also has a storage compartment. The 12V rechargeable battery is required for this toy. The toy is lightweight, and weighs around 110 pounds. The kiddie ride-on vehicle features a chrome detail, sideview mirrors, and a sideview mirror. The bike is a great way for your child to learn about cars while having fun.

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12V Police Motorcycle

This kiddie ride-on vehicle has a forward and reverse motion. It has a storage compartment. It is powered by a 12V battery and has a 110-pound weight. It has a sideview mirror, chrome detail, and a removable seat. The battery is easy to recharge. It’s also easy to store and transport. Moreover, it’s great for children’s room because it comes with a steering wheel and brake pedal.
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