Unboxing the Animal Planet’s Mega Shark and Orca Encounter

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Whether your child is a devoted fan of Shark Week or just a curious observer, Animal Planet’s Mega Shark and Orca encounter playset is sure to be a hit. It features a deep sea diver, a killer whale, a great white shark, a tiger and a barracuda, as well as other accessories that will make the experience a memorable one.

Animal Planet Mega Shark playsets include two sharks, a diver and a gear. This toys set boosts kids’ imagination and creativity. Let their instincts take control and let them imagine what it would be like to swim with these creatures.

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Animal Planets Mega Shark and Orca Encounter

Animal Planet brings the animal kingdom alive every day. Let your kid’s instincts take over and imagine anything! Put on the diving suit and gear, and go on an adventure into the ocean. Be careful around the great white shark and killer whale. Give them an opportunity to play with this toys now!
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