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The Baby Alive Doll was introduced by Hasbro in 1973. This doll had many features and functions. It ate and pooped solid food and could talk. It also came with diapers and a bottle. The Baby Alive did not talk, but it produced droppings and peed and threw up on a regular basis. It was sold for a couple of years before its popularity declined. These toys were battery-powered and children were thrilled with the fact that they could talk to them.

A baby can pretend to nurse from a bottle or sippy cup that comes with the Baby Alive Doll. This pacifier is not magnetic and is not intended for real breastfeeding. This is an item for pretend play only. The Baby Alive Doll is a plush fabric body with molded plastic arms. It also comes with a book about babies. It is recommended for children 3 years and older. While it does require some care, it is an excellent gift for a baby.

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Baby Alive Doll

A baby Alive doll is easy to maintain. It comes with a plastic reusable diaper cream that can be used to clean it. It also comes with a brush and a picture book to encourage reading. It can also be fed regular food. If you want to feed your Baby Alive Doll some food, you can buy additional sippy cups for the doll to play with. This way, your child won’t have to buy extra diapers for their toy.
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