Unboxing the Dodge Pursuit Police Car 12-Volt

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Your little officer can become a police officer with the Dodge Pursuit Police Car 12-Volt ride-on toy. This incredibly realistic toy comes with real siren sounds and working lights. It also comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery. You can ride it on the floor and chase baddoers in your own yard. You can even recharge it with a wall outlet. This toy comes with all the essentials needed for your little police officer.

The Kid Trax Dodge Pursuit Police Car is a battery-powered ride-on that will keep your child entertained for hours. This toy has realistic lights, a working megaphone PA system, and a real-looking mock police computer screen. It also has real-working doors and features a power-rechargeable battery. It also features an adjustable speed control and is designed for kids under 120 lbs.

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Dodge Pursuit Police Car 12-Volt

This toy comes complete with working doors, real police siren sound effects, and a working megaphone PA system. It has realistic, flashing lights, a mini-megaphone, and a full-size microphone. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 2.5 MPH and two speeds. It also comes with a parent lockout speed control. The KidTrax Dodge Charger Police Car is another great ride-on that is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery.
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