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Today marks the Amazon Exclusive Launch of Furby Connect, a new digital version of the classic toy that uses Bluetooth technology to interact with its user. With over 1000 phrases and color-changing eyes, this interactive toy is the perfect companion for kids. It has a joystick that lets the user control its movements and play mini-games. It can also keep track of time and date. For added fun, you can connect with Furby via an app.

The Furby Connect is a digitally integrated, bluetooth-enabled friend for kids. It is designed to connect with your child using videos, songs, and phrases. This smart toy reacts to sound and has more than 1,000 phrases. It can even tell the day of the week! It connects to an app to allow the user to interact with their Furby and create personalized profiles. This new technology was developed by Hasbro in collaboration with Junkin Media and Kidz Bop.

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Furby Connect Amazon Exclusive Launch

The new Furby Connect is a smart and interactive companion for kids. The smart toy has multiple sensors and can speak a hundred phrases. Its LCD screens also allow you to change the color of its eyes to express your mood. The app syncs with the Furby through Bluetooth. The app lets owners take care of their furry companion and learn new phrases. It can also play games, raise virtual “Furblings,” and watch video clips.
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