Unboxing the Joovy Doll Or Stuffed Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink

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Joovy’s Doll Or Stuffed Toy Boosterseat is made from high quality materials, and is made to withstand the rigors of your child’s car seat. Its 5 point harness helps your child sit securely, and it can hold a toy of up to 12 inches. Whether your child wants to take her stuffed animal to the park or to a movie, the Joovy Pretend Play Rocker is the perfect choice. Its large capacity allows it to accommodate a variety of toys, including a toy train.

The Doll Or Stuffed Toy Boosterseat is crash tested for maximum safety, and includes real working features such as the LATCH attachment. With this seat, your child can imitate the role of a responsible parent and learn how to properly use a car seat. Parents have found that their child is more cooperative with using their own car seat, as it mimics the function of a real one. Its design is similar to that of a real booster seat, including an adjustable 5-point harness.

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Joovy Doll Or Stuffed Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink

The Joovy Doll Or Stuffed toy Booster Seat mimics the role of a responsible, caring parent. The seat includes a 5-point harness for a doll measuring up to 20 inches. It also has a seat belt attachment and latch system to lock the doll into the car. This seat is designed to be safe for dolls as well as your child.
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