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The Just Like Home Cash Register is a fun and educational toy that teaches kids how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. It features a real-working calculator that can be used for addition and subtraction problems. The cash register has four boxes, each shaped like a milk carton, lollipops or cake mix. It also has several coins, dollar bills, and bar code stickers. The toy is easy to clean and comes with a key that locks in all the “moola.”

Children are always fascinated by the idea of running a store. They might be too young to understand the concept of money, but this toy will help them learn more about it. It comes with a pretend credit card, bills, coins, and a scanner. It also makes a realistic beeping sound, which can be very engaging for a young child.

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Just Like Home Cash Register

Children need to develop strong social, communication, and imagination skills. A cash register toy provides them with the chance to do just that. This toy encourages free-play and fosters social interaction. It also helps build fine motor skills and promotes problem-solving skills. This is a great toy for developing family relationships, too. The bright and vibrant colors of the toy can encourage role-play and a sense of belonging.
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