Unboxing the JUSUB Minnie Bow-Tique Sweet Surprises Kitchen Toy

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For little girls, JUSUB Minnie Bow-Tique’s sweet surprise kitchen toy set will delight the young chef. With sound effects and lights, the kitchen includes a working oven and stove, a sink with water drips and an ice dispenser. The toy set comes with over 20 accessories for pretend play including a frying pan, a pan and cups.

This Minnie Mouse kitchen toy is packed with features that will help little girls enjoy cooking time! The oven has a rising cake and sound effects, the stove has a water drip and a real ice dispenser. Over 20 kitchen play accessories make cooking fun for little girls. The set also features real fabric curtains, a frying pan, and real utensils.

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JUSUB Minnie Bow-Tique Sweet Surprises Kitchen Toy

Minnie fans will love this new toy kitchen! With several features, this toy will delight young girls who want to cook and play with their favorite Disney characters. They can prepare their favorite dishes, and can even watch them rise and fall. This set also includes a stove and oven with sound effects and a sink with water drips. It also has an ice dispenser, as well as over 20 kitchen play accessories.
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