Unboxing the Lego Elves Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle

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The LEGO Elves have been busy finding magic keys, and they’ve found all four. Now, Emily Jones is ready to use her new knowledge and adventure to navigate the obstacles in the Sky Castle. With her owl Nascha, Skyra watches from above. She must use her skills and knowledge to make her way to Emily Jones’ magical portal, which will lead her to a mystical world.

To get through the castle, Emily Jones must make her way past the various obstacles. To get to the portal, she must use her elven magic and find a secret door that will lead her to the portal. Naida Riverheart uses her water magic to find the door. She also must battle Nascha’s protective Pegasus to save Emily. This all begins with an epic battle between the elves and their allies.

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Lego Elves Skyras Mysterious Sky Castle

The LEGO Elves have completed their quest to open the portal and have made all the necessary repairs. Now, the elves have a new task: Emily Jones must make her way through the obstacles in Sky Castle. Nascha and the elven guardian Skyra are above the castle, keeping an eye on Emily. And Naida Riverheart must use her magical water powers to reach the portal and save her family.
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