Unboxing the Lotus Men’s Dunnerdale

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Founded over 250 years ago, Lotus is known for their quality footwear and is an industry leader in footwear design. Their collection of stylish boots and shoes for men offers high-quality construction and contemporary designs, and many styles come in a wide range of colors and finishes. These on-trend styles are perfect for the office or off-duty look and come in a range of sizes and colors. To keep your feet comfortable and looking stylish all day long, choose a pair from Lotus’s extensive range of fashionable men’s shoes.

The men’s version of the Dunnerdale is made of sturdy synthetic leather with a TRUFIT custom-moldablemoldable liner that helps keep your feet secure. The TRUFIT Sport Custom-fit Liner has a large instep that helps your foot slide into the boot without slipping out. The Dynalink closure band is extra large and is located on the back of the boot to ensure a snug fit.

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Lotus Mens Dunnerdale

Another feature of the Men’s Dunnerdale is its Contour 4-Fit Technology, which allows the boot to mold to the shape of your foot. This close-fitting feature accommodates four parts of your foot. The toes, ankles, heel, and width are all designed in an ergonomically correct way. The forward pitch and lean angle can be adjusted to achieve a more aggressive stance. The flexible, flex system is adjustable, so you can toggle between a stiffer and softer flex.
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