Unboxing the Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

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The Microsoft Surface 3 tablet is a detachable 2-in-1 from the company’s Surface line. First introduced in 2015, it offers detachable keyboard and display functionality. In addition, the new device supports pen-based input, which is useful for those who use both hands while working. While the device was introduced as an alternative to the iPad, some users have criticized its pen-based input. Nevertheless, it has been receiving positive reviews.

The Surface 3 Tablet is not significantly thinner or lighter than its predecessor, and its ARM processor doesn’t make it much thinner. This would have put the tablet in direct competition with the iPad and Android, and despite the tablet’s weight, it would not have felt comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s not heavy either, but it’s a bit on the bulky side. Nonetheless, it’s more than adequate for everyday tasks.

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Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

The Surface 3’s display is uniformly impressive. It is one of the few tablets with all-green ratings in display tests. It received all-green scores across all measurement and test categories. It also delivers an impressive amount of brightness, which can be a huge advantage when you’re on the go. Its 3.5-inch screen is also the largest among tablets. Its battery life is decent, though it is shorter than that of the iPad Pro.
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