Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Whether you want a high-end smartphone, or a sleek and affordable one, the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a wide range of features. The S6 edge is a sleek, glass and metal design that shows off the device’s unique beauty. The curved edges provide a secure grip, and the display is the world’s first dual-curved screen. It also boasts a fast rear camera, a bright front camera, and a powerful processor.

The phone’s design is a bit unique. While the original S6 was made of plastic and metal, the S6 is made of matte aluminum alloy, and both the back and front displays use Gorilla Glass 4. While the new device’s design is certainly a departure from the S5, it is still a worthy addition to any collection of mobile phones. This year, Samsung is building towards a more metal-framed Galaxy Note 4, Alpha, and A5.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

The S6’s sleek design is a huge step forward from the S5. Its 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display has improved contrast ratio, and Samsung has also increased its processing power to move light through the screen. The S6 is the first flagship from Samsung to have 64-bit architecture and an octa-core chip. The Galaxy S6 also has a 3.5mm audio jack. The screen is bright, so users won’t have to worry about a dead-end connection.
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