Unboxing the Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

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The Samsung Gear VR is a tight competitor in the Virtual Reality market as it battles against the Oculus VR amongst virtual reality enthusiasts.Included in the Samsung Gear box is a head belt for proper fitting and the Virtual reality head mount.

The Samsung Gear weighs approximately around 318 grams without a Smartphone mounted on it, which is a good improvement.This test was conducted using a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge as the Smartphone mounted on the Gear VR.First, take off the front cap which protects the front of the VR headset and also get rid of the plastic covers.

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Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset

Now grab the head straps and slide it through the small holes on the left and right side of the VR headsets till it comfortably fits your head.

With the strap attached don’t forget to take off the lens protector from the lens.To connect the Smartphone to the Gear, place it in front of the lens and ensure the screen is inwards the lens, now lower it into the USB port till it clicks in perfectly – This removes any chance of it falling off since it is quite sturdy.You may not be able to instantly enjoy any virtual reality experience till you download some associated files for the Samsung gear app on the phone, this only takes few minutes.

Select your language and login or sign up into the Samsung gear app to continue your VR experience.Once you are ready slide your phone back and place the cover at the back of the VR.

The only controls on the VR are the touchpad for swiping up and down as well as a back button.

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