Unboxing the Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Board Game

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In this fun family board game, you’ll race around the supermarket, collecting tokens from different sections. These sections include Dairy, Frozen Foods, Bakery, and Fruits & Veg. You’ll have to collect all of the tokens before your turn ends. And if you can’t find anything you need, you’ll have to start all over again. But don’t worry, there’s plenty to keep you busy, too!

If you’d rather play as a Shopkins character than a game maker, this one’s for you! This colorful and fun game allows your child to take a shopping trip and try to earn as many tokens as they can. There are four secret Shopkins inside and 16 tokens to collect, so it’s a great way to introduce your daughter to the characters. It’s a great way to bond with her, too.

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Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Board Game

The Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Board Game comes with a folding board, exclusive Shopkins, and 16 tokens to collect. The goal of the game is to collect the tokens from different departments in order to move to the next level. It’s fast and fun, and is perfect for a family’s next vacation. And, what’s more, you’ll find it’s great for all ages!
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